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  Why Is IQ Used As An Indicator For Intelligence?
  What do the Numbers of Your IQ Mean and How are They Measured?
  What Is The IQ, And How Is It Measured?
  What Is IQ?

What Is Your IQ On Your IQ? 


How Do You Stack Up? 

Our desire to see who is "best" comes out early in life in playground races, class rankings, and collegiate GPAs. As an adult we don't always know how we compare to others, but using scientific measures, we can see what our own cognitive abilities and potential are when our Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, is assessed.  


Determining IQ 

IQ tests measure the ability to think through problems and strategies in different ways than might normally occur in everyday life. By using unfamiliar situations and problems in the assessment, scientists can look at core abilities or capabilities, and not just learned processes or strategies. Many scientists believe that the real iq test can accurately measure mental ability and potential. 


The IQ Test and Results  

Contrary to most testing situations, there is no way to study for an IQ test. These assessments generally consist of analytically solving problems relating to visual shape manipulation, statistics, math, memory recall, and language ability. While varying tests exist, the basic premise of each is the same: determining a relative level of intelligence in comparison to others. Most IQ tests follow a numeric scoring system, with a commonly accepted average IQ being 90-110.  


IQ and You 

Whether you want to see if you qualify for Mensa, the high IQ society, or just seeing where you stack up against others your age, IQ tests can be a fun and informative way to learn about yourself and your potential.  

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