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  What do the Numbers of Your IQ Mean and How are They Measured?
  What Is The IQ, And How Is It Measured?
  What Is IQ?
What Is The IQ, And How Is It Measured?

An IQ or Intelligence Quotient is a score derived from some special psychological tests designed to measure an individual's intelligence. Historically, an IQ was obtained by dividing an individual's chronological age by his/her mental age, obtained by an intelligence test. The resulting answer was then multiplied by a hundred to obtain an IQ score.

In simple words, an IQ or Intelligence Quotient is a person's ability to deal with logic. To measure your IQ, there are several IQ tests available out there that target your short- and long-term memory and your ability to deal with logic on the spot.

How to Measure your IQ?

There are several IQ tests available out there that can measure your intelligence quotient. The most popular IQ tests are:

·        Woodcock-Johnson Intelligence Test for Cognitive Disabilities

·        Wechsler Intelligent Test for Children

·        Differential Ability Scales

·        Universal Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

·        Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test

These tests measure your Crystallized Intelligence and Fluid Intelligence.

1.    Crystallized Intelligence

Crystallized Intelligence deals with the knowledge that comes with past experience and prior learning. Most IQ tests have knowledge-based questions that measure your crystallized intelligence. These questions are about some historical person or events, such as "who is Columbus?” or “what event refers to 9/11?”

2.    Fluid Intelligence

Fluid Intelligence deals with the ability to solve and resolve new problems independently by logic and reasoning. This one is essential for cognitive tasks and is considered the most important factor in learning. Most IQ tests have reasoning-based questions to measure fluid intelligence. These questions include "what is the difference between climate and weather?" or “ what is abstract art?” and more.

IQ Score

Depending on your crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence, an IQ test provide an IQ score. This IQ score is your actual ability to deal with problems. On average, an IQ score of 100 and more is associated with high intelligence. On the other hand, an IQ score between 70 and 100 is considered average. If a score is below 70, the individual may have some intellectual disabilities.

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